1. Essence of Energy Revolution: Restoring Energy Product Attributes
Abstract: The essence of energy system revolution is to restore energy product attributes. As China’s energy reform is not fully market-based, we need to explore a pricing and subsidy system for new energy, but we should not copy the practices of western countries. China is of special importance in international energy and an important participant in international energy market.

2. China Must Adhere to Long-Term Energy Security Strategy
Abstract: The development of domestic energy is an important foundation for China to maintain relatively independent energy security. It should also deepen and accelerate its resource-oriented diplomacy to make it an important means to realize global resource strategy. Energy-resources diplomacy cannot only promote overseas cooperative development of energy resources but also strengthen friendship and cooperation with more countries.

3. Facing Reality and Accelerating Shale Gas Development
Abstract: According to China’s eight years of practical experience in the shale gas development, this paper presents opinions and suggestions for the continual development of shale gas in five aspects: summing up experiences timely and enhancing communication; deepening the reform and achieving the efficient use of oil and gas resources; sticking to the development path of “many hands making light work”; improving laws and regulations to ensure the smooth reform and development; formulating an oil development strategy that matches our national conditions .

4. Sci-tech Reforms in PetroChina Huabei Oilfield Company
Abstract: For the purpose of deepening the sci-tech reform and adjusting itself to the requirement of development strategy, PetroChina Huabei Oilfield Company sets up a work progress group to build a large research management system with the breakthroughs of perfecting the mechanisms of research assessment and support. This paper describes its sci-tech reform content and implementation as follows: establishing a large research system with united research direction, research strength, research input and support; strengthening the new mechanism of talent training and employment; further improving the management procedure of research projects; perfecting assessment mechanism of sci-tech research; perfecting the security mechanism of research conditions. It is concluded that the implementation of those reform measures has inspired the vitality and creativity of the research resources in the company and promoted its rapid development.

5. Integrated Contract Management in Large Oil-Gas Enterprises
Abstract: Daqing Oilfield started to explore and implement integrated contract management in 2008, i.e. playing the resource accumulation and function multiplication effect of information technology on contract management and integrating multi-factors, multi-systems and multi-methods; highlighting the dominant position of comprehensive contract management; establishing a management system of unified management, graded responsibility, profession-based examination and full supervision; establishing online-review of contract as the only way of external payment as measures to create an orbital operation platform of multi-profession participation, multi-system integration and overall online; aiming at the improvement of quality and efficiency of contract operation to optimize the review and approval process which combines profession with management and is executed strictly, smoothly and efficiently; implementing the supervision measure of timely signing contract, normative performance and effective reward and punishment with the focus on enhancing the critical step control of contract; constructing a business operating chain of complementary functions, close connection and overall optimization on the basis of deepening the integration of related management elements. During the five years since Daqing Oilfield has implemented integrated management of contract, its strategic value is fully reflected and business order is well preserved; contract management process tends to be more scientific and internal management becomes more normative; contract management level ranks forefront and the Oilfield Company strides toward a first-class enterprise.

6. Sustainable Development of CNPC Logging Business
Abstract: Since 2002 China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) has restructured and integrated its logging business several times, and established the present pattern of relatively unified management and separate operation. By the end of 2013, CNPC has a total of 721 logging service teams with assets of 11.8 billion yuan and staff of 15263. With the further consolidated logging business, CNPC has independently developed a number of technologies and a group of high-quality professionals in the recent decade, steadily improving its logging service and achieving satisfactory economic benefits. However, some problems have also appeared in the development process, such as decentralized business team, non-standardized market competition, inadequate research capability, more seriously repetitive researches and the stern environment for existence due to the pressures from both foreign companies and private enterprises. Therefore, this paper studies the successful experiences of related companies both at home and abroad, such as Schlumberger, China Oilfield Services Limited and BGP, which includes taking the development path from specialization into integration to realize the integration of research, manufacture and services by means of merger and acquisition. It is suggested that to keep a sustainable development, the logging business of CNPC should be restructured and integrated within the whole CNPC with the efforts to standardize internal service market and coordinate the service teams.

Key words: oil, logging, enterprise, development pattern, sustainability
7. Some Understandings on Underground Resources in Song-liao Basin
Abstract: The Song-liao Basin is a typical continental sedimentary basin. After half a century’s exploration and development of oil and gas resources, there are still quite a lot of oil and gas resources in Song-liao Basin that need to be explored at present. These oil and gas are tight resources with features of low oil-abundance and bad physical property of reservoir. Hence, innovations on thought and technology are needed in the process of exploration and development. Any large-scale sedimentary basin, including the Song-liao Basin, often has multiform resources. The basin possesses rich geothermal resources. Apart from the prteoliferous areas, strata in each zone have geothermal reservoirs of different degrees, which need to be further explored and developed. Besides, there are other uncertain resources that can be further explored. At the deep part of the basin there exists a very thick low resistance layer. The only reason for its formation is that there is a sort of material inside, which might be a kind of gas. Moreover, further studies are needed to determine what it is exactly. On the east edge of the basin along with the band of Bayan-Teili-Beian, an enrichment zone of uranium element with favorable condition for deposit formation may exist. If the uranium deposit can be formed, it is worth further exploration with its much higher economic benefits than petroleum.


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